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Precision Agronomy Services

Managing Risk to Boost Your Return.

Profitable farming is about managing risk to maximize your return. EncircaSM is a whole-farm solution service that utilizes your precision farming data and advanced crop models to provide real time solutions – helping you manage and use your data to drive your productivity. EncircaSM insights can help you to better understand and predict the interactions of crop management practices, genetics, and the environment. EncircaSM Services provides local expertise from a Certified Service Agent (CSA) for planning, and support, as well as help with your precision farming technology, while offering unmatched value through conveniently-delivered services that increase your profitability, production stability and sustainability

EncircaSM Offerings Include:

  • Receive nitrogen  level estimates to the Environmental Response Unit (ERU) level for all acres enrolled
  • Real-time and full-time access for you to this information
  • Ongoing consultation and software access
  • Variable Rate Seeding consultation
  • Optimizing N management around your labor and equipment resources
  • Receive a report with fields prioritized by potential risk
  • Incorporate all other field level data to assist in decision-making
  • Post-season analysis to quantify improvements and suggest enhancements
  • Turn your data from descriptive to prescriptive
  • Ability to analyze – Yield history, Fertility history, EC or EM data, As Planted, As Harvested, As Applied
  • Cloud-based access to your information (secure storage allowing you to lose dependency / risk of data on your PC)
  • Apply insights to optimize next generation Yield products like such as nitrogen management
  • Ability to view all your data within a single Encirca services interface
  • Make nitrogen recommendations for same rate and variable rate where possible
  • Build tailored farm plans and track nitrogen level changes throughout the growing season 
  • Collect 24” soil samples to “base-line” each field 


Let EncircaSM help you  unlock the full potential of your operation. EncircaSM services provides you with personalized intelligence to help you make more informed decisions on your farm. Talk to your Reddy Ag or Ross Soil agronomist today for more information

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